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You Could Be Arrested For The Way You Eat. These 11 Food Laws Are Insane.


Who doesn’t love the freedom to choose and eat what they want, when and how they want? It’s one of the most basic American rights. (Even if it is abused daily.)

Alas, not every country lives up to this ideal of ultimate food freedom. In fact, many parts of the United States don’t either. Here are 11 crazy food laws from around that world. A couple of these could actually get you arrested

1.) France has banned Ketchup.

Back in October 2011, the French authorities said “Au revoir!” to ketchup in schools. The reasoning was so that the children can become more familiar with traditional French cuisine. 

2.) In Dubai during Ramadan? Stay away from fast food.


You can actually be arrested and jailed in Dubai if you are caught eating, drinking, or smoking in public during the day in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Not a great way to spend a vacation.

3.) No gum on the train in Singapore.

If you’re chewing gym on the train in Singapore, be prepared for a sizable fine. Gum has actually been banned in Singapore for more than 20 years. Strangely enough though, you can still get gum if you have a prescription from a doctor. 

4.) Drunk moose? Not in Alaska.

Even though this seems like a fairly obvious one, it is illegal in Alaska to give a moose a beer. However giving a moose a muffin is still permitted. 

5.) Finding a beer in Nigeria is complicated.

Technically, drinking beer in Nigeria is legal. However both importing beer and brewing your own beer are illegal. So strange.

If you are able to find beer somewhere there’s no law against drinking it, as long as you’re at least 21. 

6.) Don’t eat near public buildings in Italy.

Even though they look beautiful, don’t in front of government buildings in Italy. The same goes for the main churches. That’s just a fine waiting to happen. 

7.) Loophole in Denmark.

In Denmark, restaurants cannot charge you for water unless it has ice and/or lemon in it. Smart way to keep your bill down. 

8.) Peanuts in Boston.

Stop eating that bag of peanuts while you’re in the Lord’s house. Not only is it rude, it’s actually illegal in Boston to eat peanuts in church. 

9.) Careful where you put your ice cream cones in Kentucky.

Just because you have pockets doesn’t mean you should use them to store your ice cream cones. If you do that in Kentucky, expect to receive a fine. 

10.) You can’t get Haggis in America.

Haggis is the most prized traditional food of Scotland, but it’s actually banned in the United States. The reason? There is a law against using sheep lungs in food products. Umm ok. 

11.) Don’t take your sandwich into the ocean in Maryland.

Not only is that just good common sense, but it’s actually illegal to eat while swimming in the ocean in Maryland. 

(H/T: The Daily Meal)

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