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This Woman Is Smiling Because She Lives With 200 Sloths. JEALOUS.


Have you ever seen a sloth in person? Odds are, you haven’t. They are adorable, slow-moving creatures that are native to jungles and rain forests. Meet the woman who has dedicated her life to helping the adorable animals survive despite their rapidly disappearing land.

She loves her job working with sloths so much, she takes her work home with her…literally. 

Monique Poole is the founder of Green Heritage Fun Suriname.

She uses her own home for the non-profit foundation and works to rescue the displaced sloths in Suriname, South America.

She normally houses about 2 sloths for a couple days, then releases them back into the wild.

But in 2012, land was cleared away and Monique expected her number to rise a bit.

She figured about 14 sloths would need help getting back on their feet.

But when Poole arrived, she found 200 sloths without a home.

So she brought them all back home with her.

Cutest. Roommates. Ever.

She hopes to build them their own park.

Imagine the tourist potential!

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a cute face like this??

Just thinkin’ ’bout sloth stuff.

I’m suddenly considering a career change. You can find more information about how you can help on the organizations Facebook. Sloths are just one of the many animals whose natural habitat are being threatened by humans.

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