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These People Are The Best At Being The Worst. And Boy, Is It Hilarious.


We all make mistakes, but have you ever messed up so badly that you might as well own it? There’s no use trying to defend yourself with egg on your face. Here are some terrible fails that are so bad, these people should just take it and work it.

1.) You what your dog?

2.) Either someone at the newsroom wasn’t paying much attention, or this lady is from the most successful family in Wisconsin.

3.) Dude, why even put up the kickstand? That bike is gone.

4.) Maybe this lady is tiny and she’s holding up a regular sized iPhone, instead of an iPad to her ear like a dummy.

5.) The sexiest Spider-Man scene since Peter Parker kissed Mary Jane upside down.

6.) Not surprised to see a New York license plate.

7.) This lady is throwing the baby away with the bathwater.

8.) Kinda negates the point of a “self-help” book, doesn’t it?

9.) This SUV owner remembered that the “S” stands for “sport.”

10.) I mean, if you’re happy, I’m happy.

11.) Maybe it’s a good thing his kid didn’t take after his parents.

12.) And by “Commit To Be Fit,” we mean eating a bag of mini donuts instead of full-sized ones.

13.) Uh… thanks sweetie. That’s nice.

14.) Speeding away in the irony mobile.

15.) I feel like there was a more efficient way to order this.

16.) You’re cute and all, but could you maybe try and get some of the gas in the tank?

17.) ‘Cause this is definitely how the internet works.

18.) Douchebag in paradise.

19.) Maximum flexibility, minimum clean up.

20.) Did you remember to pack the kid?

21.) And I thought abstinence was the best birth control method…

22.) Comfort food.

23.) Sound advice. Definitely glad I took my eyes off the car in front of me to read this.

24.) The irony wouldn’t be as stinging if it was any other store.

25.) “Now why would I back into the water? My boat would be backwards and I’d look like a flippin’ idiot!”

26.) I feel like the internet was invented so kids aren’t bored enough to do crap like this.

27.) Does Dyson have a mowing line now?

Yikes. I once accidentally filled my tank up with diesel fuel. That was not only embarrassing, but hugely expensive and dangerous. The guys at the shop gave me a hard time about it, but I couldn’t say anything because I knew how stupid it was. I had to embrace being an idiot that day. I only hope these people do the same.

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