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These 27 People Tried To Fight Off Sleeping. But Sleep (Hilariously) Won. LOL.


You can only fight the urge to sleep for so long… and these 27 poor souls know it. Sometimes it happens in a car, sometimes at work, but whenever sleep comes a callin’ you just can’t resist. Unfortunately, most of these people ended up passing out around their awful friends, so the results are hilarious.

1. The girl who sucks at sleep overs.

2. That James Franco guy.

3. The baby who didn’t want to go to bed.

4. The guy who was supposed to be studying.

5. The student that trusted their dorm roommates.

6. Another guy who trusted the people in his dorm.

7. The guy who was too tired to party.

8. The guy with the rainbow brite socks and Mickey Mouse hat.

9. The same guy, only much, much worse off.

10. The guy who lost at beer pong.

11. That one girl who fell asleep at the bar.

12. The guy who wasn’t really sure what he was doing anyway.

13. The guy who got really tired at work.

14. The girl who had a terrible bus buddy.

15. The guy who got a nap buddy when he didn’t want one.

16. The girl who probably missed her stop.

17. The guy who just didn’t want to go camping.

18. The girl who either fainted from excitement or copious amounts of alcohol.

19. The guy who helped re-create a work of art.

20. The guy who was conquered by his cat.

21. The guy that shouldn’t have trusted his friends.

22. The kid that had too much fun in the pool.

23. The girl that thought doing laundry drunk was a good idea.

24. The girl that pre-gamed too hard before prom.

25. The guy who almost finished reading his book.

26. The little guy who just couldn’t make it into bed.

27. The boy who almost stayed up past his bed time… almost.

Learn your lesson: never fall unconscious around anyone you claim is your friend. You’ll wake up with Sharpie on your face.

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