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The World’s Best Dad Found A Way To Make His Daughter’s Bath Time Epic Fun.


Ask any parent you know: Getting your toddler to happily agree to bathe time is near impossible. It’s possible this dad in Japan found a hidden secret, though, to convincing your little ones to take a bath…

By taking his love of cosplay (dressing up as your favorite TV/movie personalities in costumes) and combining it with bath time, he’s apparently been able to get his daughter to bathe regularly! Judging by the crazy number of photos hitting the web, they both love doing it.

From Star Wars to Charlie Chaplin, he’ll do just about anything it seems to get his little girl clean! It’s sweet (and hilarious).

His Spidey sense must be off.

Umm… what?

I guess this is going to be a “silent” bath.

Oh C3PO, what kind of mess are you in now?

What the…?

Was this taken on El Dia de Los Muertos?

DBZ fans, eat your heart out.

I heard the new Avatar takes place under water but this is ridiculous.

And how is this supposed to calm your daughter during bath time?

Ok that’s better. LOL.

At least he’s not Jar-Jar!

I wonder how long his daughter has to wait before bath time can start?

So much for living in a pineapple under the sea.

Tom Hanks, meet your doppelganger.

(H/T: Douban via Kotaku)

While there’s not much information about this future father of the year, we cannot wait to see what he uploads next. (We’re secretly hoping for Buzz Lightyear to save the day.) It’s touching to see just how far this father will go to help his little girl get used to taking a bath. Share his awesome costumes with others by clicking below.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/cosplay-bath/


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