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Meet The World’s 25 Laziest People. They Will Put You To Shame.


We’ve all been there. Who in their right mind would actually want to do “stuff?” Not me, that’s for sure. Doing things is hard work.

That is exactly why I salute these 25 lazy, brave souls for their contributions to humanity. Together, they are innovating and redefining what it means to be lazy. I only hope that one day I can achieve this much laziness.

1.) Walking the dog everyday is difficult.

2.) Not so much laziness, but genius!

3.) That’s the right idea. Someone give this man an award.

4.) Pumpkin carving is for suckers.

5.) CAUTION: Nap time ahead.

6.) This method wastes twice as much gas. Perfect.

7.) Ehh, it’s too far.

8.) The real question here is why haven’t the other people in line followed her lead?

9.) Someone will probably get fired for this.

10.) There’s just no time to open the package.

11.) Inventive. Something tells me that duct tape is going to mess up the screen.

12.) That’s an epic amount of laziness.

13.) This is acceptable behavior among busy people, which I suspect this guy is not.

14.) This guy is good.

15.) At least they’re sort of color coded?

16.) “Nah man, I’m good. Why should I throw my trash away?”

17.) I smell a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

18.) Holiday envy?

19.) So close to a job well done.

20.) In this person’s defense, we don’t know how long that driveway actually is.

21.) I’m not sure who’s lazier.

22.) Halloween 2.0 means no more carving. Ever.

23.) Just adapting to his environment.

24.) We’re all guilty of this one. At least they left a good tip.

25.) Not laziness, but Zen.

(H/T: Madfruit )

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