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I Thought This Mom’s Idea Was Just OK. Then She Proceeded To Blow My Mind…WOW.


Art isn’t just about fancy galleries, wine and cheese. It’s about creating something out of nothing, no matter what medium you use. One busy wife and mother discovered that she used something every day with her children that could be turned into a work of art. It’s fun and it’s smelly: it’s Play Doh.

This wife and mother decided to undertake an insane project, one that would last months and be based off of an image in her portfolio.

And what would she use to make this masterpiece? Play Doh.

She never had time to set up her studio and work on new pieces because of her three children, but she found a way to create art out of their toys.

She began pressing their Play Doh into different colored dots, realizing she may be able to make a mosaic out of them.

After being pressed, the Play Doh took a while to harden, so creative solutions had to be found.

As it turns out, Play Doh can be mixed into a LOT of different colors.

She painted a rough outline of the painting she was going to turn into a mosaic masterpiece on a large piece of wood.

Since the dots had little lines of color running through them, it was hard to line them up JUST right.

It took hours of arrangement.

The kids pitched in, too.

Free time meant DOT time.

It began taking shape slowly.

The family spent countless hours working on it.

Voila! Finished!

Coats of clear resin was poured over the dots to help them stay in place.

Although the resin didn’t cover up the top of the dots, making the surface bumpy.

Because she likes tinkering, the artist decided to stain the frame after creating the work of art. Oops.


I’ll never look at a little jar of Play Doh the same way ever again.


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