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Her Fianc Called Off The Wedding, So This Bride-To-Be Did Something Incredibly Sweet


A phone call that no mother ever wants to get from her daughter is one that explains that her wedding is off. The disappointment felt between the two parties can’t be put into words, but that’s exactly what happened to Kari Duane and her daughter, Quinn. Quinn was set to be wed, and just days before the ceremony, her fiancé called everything off.

But they had already put down a ton of deposits on multiple parts of the wedding, including the catering. Even in the midst of her heartache, Quinn decided to do something amazing with those resources.

Since it was too late to get the deposit back for their food, the Duane family decided to turn what would’ve been a wedding reception into a banquet for the homeless.


Everyone in their community who needed something to eat was welcome with open arms.

The feast included a whole host of delicious choices, like salmon, salad, cauliflower, and gnocchi.

These people were grateful to the Duane family, especially since they knew how much Quinn was hurting.

(via KCRA)

This act of charity didn’t go unnoticed, and everyone in attendance was eternally grateful for the family’s kindness. Anyone who came left with a full stomach and an even fuller sense of gratitude.

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