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A Sick Friend Came To Visit And It Ended Up Sending Her Twins To The Hospital


The birth of a baby can be both an exciting and hectic time for parents.

As you prepare to settle in at home, you’re instantly bombarded with family and friends all hoping to be the first to get a one-on-one visit with your newborn. But as a parent, it’s important to set up some guidelines when it comes to who gets to come over. Any newborn child is heavily susceptible to germs and illnesses, as their immune systems have yet to develop. The threat of serious illness can be even riskier for children born prematurely.

One mom is standing by her babies as they cling to life after a family friend came to visit while sick with a virus that can be deadly to infants.

Mother of twin girls Laura Wallis hasn’t left her daughters’ bedside since they were infected by the RSV virus.

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Wallis’ children Harlow and Harper were born five weeks premature, putting them at greater risk.

After having a talk with her family and friends concerning the girls’ condition, she thought they had reached an agreement not to come around if there was even the slightest inkling of illness.

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