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23 Times The Apple Didn’t Fall Far From The Fluffy Animal Tree


When I was younger, I would roll my eyes every time I heard anyone say, “You look so much like your mom!”

It’s not that I thought she was ugly or anything, but it just seemed like the kind of meaningless small talk that adults loved to force upon children. Now that I’m a member of the grown-up pack, though, I definitely understand what they meant when I see children who bear a striking resemblance to their parents.

The following animal families fit right into that category, because their adorable appearances are practically identical. Get ready for a double helping of cuteness!

1. Dad just taught him how wonderfully fun it is to get super dirty.

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2. You’d almost think that these two are the same dog, but the one on the right is the dad.

3. Those perturbed faces completely give away that they’re related.

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4. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a mirror reflection!

5. Like father, like son…AND like mother, like daughter.

6. I don’t think Mom quite believes that she could have created something this precious.

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7. Looking like a stuffed animal runs in the family.

8. “Am I doing it right, Mom?”

9. “Look, I made this awesome little thing!”

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10. Wanting to snuggle 24/7 must be genetic.

11. I so want to steal this adorably curious pair.

12. This nugget is a huge fan of cuddles, just like Mom.

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13. Not only are their poses identical, but their ears are, too!

14. I so wish I could pet this mother-daughter duo without being sprayed into oblivion.

15. It’s obvious where this pup learned her begging skills.

16. That is one proud papa.

17. This magnificent dog sure taught his boy how to pose well.

18. The newspaper doesn’t hold much interest for either of these cuties.

19. Well, he didn’t exactly inherit his dad’s patience.

20. He is definitely his dad’s “mini me.”

21. Both of them love the finer things in life, like licking one’s nose.

22. “This is how you get them to give you food.”

23. “You always have to stay vigilant, son.”

These parents sure did a great job at producing the most adorable offspring ever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cuter families in my life.

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