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10 Deadliest Combat Knives Daggers

10 Deadliest Combat Knives Daggers

A combat knife (also called a fighting knife, or a tactical knife) is a specifically designed for military personal. Since the end of trench warfare, however, majority military knives are now designed for multi-functions (such as chopping branches, opening ammunition crates, etc.) in addition to their main purpose of close combat weapons. Whereas a dagger is a double-edged fighting knife with a central spine and edges sharpened their full length. In short, sword-like weapon with a pointed blade and a handle, used for stabbing. The distinctive double-edged sharp blades with full length cutting edges and central spine distinguish a dagger from any other general-purpose/house hold knives. Daggers are usually used by military personals. And are different from each other according to their shape, sharpness, build and purpose.

10. BC-41

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

The BC-41 was a combined Knuckleduster/dagger weapon used during World War II by the British commandos for close combats and in ambush situations. BC-41 is an extremely rare fighting knife. This weapon is originally designed by Charles Clements and was made in Sheffield England. The clip point blade is strongly joined to the knuckle guard and a strong plastic material named Bakelite, grips the primary 4-1/4 inch edge of the 4-3/4 inch exposed portion of the blade when holding it conventionally. Overall the knife is measured to be 9 inches; the knuckle portion measures 4 inches at the widest point. It fits very comfortably in a smaller hand and is considered to be one of the best till date.

9. Push Dagger

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

A push dagger (most commonly known as: push knife, fist knife, push dirk, or T-handled knife) is a short knife having the design similar to the letter “T”. It is specifically designed to be grasped in the hand so that the blade would be pointing forward, typically emerging from the 2nd and 3rd finger. This is a different style of a fighting knife, made just for stabbing from behind rather than fighting. The blade is oriented horizontal to the ground when held. The cast on aluminium handle has a grip molded for bare hand holding, with finger recesses, and a steel rounded knuckle is designed to cover the last three fingers only. The blade is double-edged, with flattened diamond cross-section. The total length of the push dagger is 7.25 inches (tip of the blade to back of the grip).

8.SOG Seal Knife 2000

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

SOG Seal Knife 2000 is specially designed for navy seals hence it makes it a navy seal weapon. The SEALs are one of the top elite military forces around the globe. SEALs personal undergo one of the toughest training programs to produce a warrior. Only selected few are lucky enough to endure and earn the honour to wear the SEAL Trident on their uniform, therefore making this weapon a very special one. It is 12.4 inches in length overall. It features Powder Coated blade, longer ergonomic handle with deeper finger grooves, Racy new blade shape & longer cutting edge, Extended Tang for glass breaking & hammering, also includes Nylon carry sheath.

7.Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

The F-S fighting knife or Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife was made in 1941, especially for British commandos and marine raiders during the World War II. F-S knife was used for both thrusting and slashing, and was used specifically for surprise attacks and fighting. William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes are the designers of this deadly weapon. The F-S fighting type knife is a double-edged knife which resembles to a dagger. The length of the blade is about 7.5 inches (19 cm). Currently Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife is of interest mainly to the collectors, which is the main reason for its continued production.

6.Fixation Bowie

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

Fixation Bowie is a fighting type knife which can be used by any one. This knife is made by the SOG Company. And like all other products of SOG, this is also one of the finest weapons made by them. Seamless fits between blade and cross guard, wrap-around checkered handles, blade grooves, thumb notches, spanner nuts, and cross guardcut-outs all say this knife is as distinctive as its user. Great balance and proportion make these knives very agile. The length of the blade is 7 inches and overall its length is 12.25 inches. Its handle is made from Kraton and Sheath is made from nylon.

5.LHR Combat Knife

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

The LHR combat knife is a modern fighting knife. It was made because the soldiers realized the need for a weapon for a close quarter combat knife. The designers of LHR combat knife are award winning knife makers, Chris Reeve and William W. Harsey Jr. It is known to be of fighting type knife used by military soldiers. LHR is 12 and ½ inches long in open length, whereas the blade length is 6.86 inches and it is made in U.S.A. The quick-release sheath has a built-in safety release that can only release the knife by the wearer. The textured TacHide handle provides a sure grip in wet conditions. The main goal of the project is to make a quality knife that most soldiers can afford.

4.Bundeswehr Advanced Combat Knife (BW-ACK)

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

This fighting type of knife is a modern multi-function knife, required by the new generation of the military. This knife was made in Germany and German military use this weapon. This knife is popular in the military due to its multi-functions and its light weight. Other than razor sharp knife other functions include universal saw, adjustable wire cutters, screwdrivers and bottle opener. It is also equipped with a cavity in the handle, a protective cap for the cutting board and a leg strap. The snap on strap allows for quick separation of the sheath from the harness. This way a person can use e.g. Wire cutters, without having to take the whole paddock. This knife is temperature resistant from – 40 ° C to + 80 ° C, mold resistant, resistant to chemical and biological influences. The total length of the knife is about 305 mm , diameter blade length 175 mm, total length about 355 mm, sheath total weight approximately 430g.

3.M-9 Bayonet

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

M-9 Bayonet is a multi-purpose knife. It was designed and developed by Charles A. “Mickey” Finn in 1984.Ontario M-9 Bayonet, Olive Drab Handle and Scabbard Designed to Military specifications for attachment to M16 rifles, this bayonet features a black coated blade, LBE belt attachment clips with quick release, hard sheath with strapped loops and Pivot pin which, with knife, forms emergency wire cutter. Milled saw teeth on the back, Black oxide protective finish. The length of the blade is 7 inches and is 0.235 inches thick. The overall length is 12.125 inches. It has black textured thermoplastic nylon handle and Milled saw teeth on back. It is manufactured in USA.

2.Eickhorn Advanced Combat Knife

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

The Eickhorn Advance Combat knife was made to meet and exceed Mil and NATO standards, and to fulfill the requirements of German armed forces. This knife was made in Germany for its military purpose. This knife comes with a bottle opener, wire stripper, and universal saw. The sheath has an adjustable wire cutter blade, a sapphire blade sharpener, a lanyard, and a drainage hole. It can be rotated, and provides fastening points for belt carry, combat vest carry, or MOLLE carry. The blade of the ACK is 3.6mm thick, 175mm in length, and the overall length of the knife is 355mm, the knife weighs 230g, and the combined weight of the knife and sheath is 440g.This Advanced Combat Knife is a fine German weapon and is very popular among its people.

1.Gerber Mark II

10 Deadliest Combat Knives  Daggers

The Gerber Mark II is a fighting knife used from 1967 to 2000, with an additional limited run in 2002 but of very limited supply of 1500 knives. But the production was restored in July 2008. The designer of this weapon is an Army Captain (Retd) named Bud Holzman. Up to 1970 Gerber Mark II was considered as a fighting knife, but the military base/post exchanges stopped selling these knives; the reason was said that they were “not in good shape” or “too ferocious”. Al Mar was a knife designer, and was working for Gerber; he added the sawtooth serrations toward the hilt, marketing the knife as a “survival aid”, making it more appealing to the military commanders, which resumed selling the Mark II as a survival knife, rather than a fighting knife. The knife is 12 inches long overall, with a 6.75 inch blade. The blade has double wide serrations on each side of the diamond cross-section shaped blade. The handle is a single piece cast on black metal, with GERBER marker mark on one side. This knife was included in the paratrooper’s survival kit.


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